• IPP project for Sumal Foods, Ibadan

    Installation of 5 units of 1.5MW MTU Generators

    34,35 Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja

    Located at the heart of this bustling ancient city is the pride of Ibadan- The SUMAL Foods Limited- synonymous, s ince 1981, for quality and a high commitment to maintaining its moral beliefs. It is known for its high-quality biscuits, chewing gum, and toffees it manufactures under the SUMAL Foods group.

    Inside the factory, one can hear the mesmerizing symphony of motions and sounds of state-of-the-art machines as they churn and hum with precision and efficiency.

    For these massive machines, uninterrupted power supply sufficient enough to cater for their enormous power appetite, is required for their smooth, effective and efficient daily routines and processes.


    Upon careful assessment, a total of 5MW was determined as the required power output to feed this advanced, rapidly evolving food production enterprise. Following an intense search for the right power solutions partner, a crack in the hard rock was finally discovered, a true eureka moment. Enter “Mikano International”, a continental powerhouse, with a solid record of delivering top notch power solutions to its numerous clients, across Africa, for three (3) decades and counting.

    The challenge- No single generator set was capable of delivering as much as 5MW of power by itself.

    Solution offered- 5 units of MTU Gas gensets, each capable of providing 1.5MW of power.

    These colossal machines will eventually supply a whopping 7.5MW of power, comfortably meeting the required power need of 5MW with additional power provided for future expansion. These were all delivered and seamlessly installed with all mechanical, electrical, and control sections assembled in soundproof containers by Mikano, effectively reducing operational noise.

    Each of these advanced gensets are equipped with their own cooling systems and air handling units, ensuring efficient combustion and proper air circulation. What's more? The MTU 12V4000L64FNER gensets boast impressive 12-cylinder engines with a longer lifetime of up to 84,000 hours, delivering the same power demand as earlier models of 16-cylinder gensets with a limited 64,000-hour lifetime, thereby offering a reduction in maintenance time and an increase in efficiency.

    Once again, Mikano has delivered excellently, reinforcing its claim as the leading power solutions provider in Africa.