• 18 Aug 2022

    IPP project for NNPC, Abuja

    Installation of 17.2MW to the NNPC headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.

    34,35 Acme Road
    Mikano has set out to accomplish what might seem to others unachievable but has been achieved in the design of this project within the specified period of time.
    The design concept of this project is the installation of 4 unit WARTSILA generators in an area space of 649 square meters where each generator is running on low speed of 750 rpm designed to last for 25 years.
    Mikano is executing its first ever large project in terms of size with standard generator product from WARSTILA manufactured and shipped from Finland to the shores of Lagos.
    The installation of each unit of the generators which are to produce 9000 KVAof power supply from diesel and natural gas remains the sole aim of both Mikano and NNPC collaboration on this project increasing the existing longtime friendship of both parties.
    With an efficient team, ranging from the administrative, technical, mechanical and electrical work team the mikano project is due for commissioning on or before the last week of February.
    Despite the obstacles bound to be faced by any team , transporting each batch of generators in 10 days from Lagos to its installation position in Abuja the efficient professional team ensured no injury or any form of casualties.

    Mikano who is known for commitment and timely supplies has an objective to install, provide commissioning services, train users and plan routine services for the 4 unit generators and see to the end result of this project by ensuring steady power supply from 2 working generators and 2 standby unit generators which can be switched at any point necessary. Providing the running requirements of NNPC of power supply worth 9000 KVA all generators are fully synchronized, increased efficiency, lower generation cost and low emission.

    With over 20 years experience in its steel fabrication, the assembly, delivery , installation and commissioning of all generator parts were made achievable.
    Mikano has never failed to deliver a project since its existence in 1995 and its dedicated to corporation such as NNPC to design its organization projects needs and wants by ensuring a long lasting , non polluting, gas usage, cost effective and prepaid generators.
    The efficiency of Mikano team and its total dedication of innovative staffs who have been trained to deliver optimal services from start to finish has once again ensured Mikano achieving one of it’s largest project in Nigeria and are once again proud to bring quality in all its solutions and to be known as the largest dealer and assembler of generators.