• 03 Dec 2022

    IPP project for JOTNA

    Installation of 27.2MW gas-powered project

    Mikano embarked on a new power installation project with a manufacturing and related packaging group JOTNA Nigeria Limited. JOTNA is a plastic and beverage manufacturing company with a large workforce of 1200 staff and power consumption need of 10MW.

    Mikano’s unrivalled experience in Independent Power Project (IPP) solutions delivery necessitated JOTNA’s enquiry to achieve the best gas-powered solution for its operations.

    Following a detailed assessment of JOTNA’s power needs, a recommendation of 4 MWM gas generators of 4.3MW each and 5 YORC diesel generators of 2MW each totalling 17MW will be installed with an additional installation of 10MW to provide backup power ensuring power supply round the clock.

    Mikano’s power generation solution safeguards against constant fluctuation and load sharing events that are known challenges affecting JOTNA’s nature of business while delivering optimum efficiency with the utilisation of gas generators.

    As with all its projects, Mikano is determined to deliver the highest level of execution quality meeting all global safety standards for the successful completion of the 27.2MW gas-powered project.