• IPP project for Eko Atlantic, Lagos

    Installation of 4 units of 1.5MW MTU Generators

    34,35 Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja

    EKO Atlantic, the new economic capital of Africa, spans an impressive 10 million square meters and represents the intersection of visionary design and technological progress. That's why Mikano International Limited, a leader in power solutions across Africa, was chosen by Eko Atlantic to design and deploy a future-proof solution for its real estate development sector.


    To meet the client's demand for 5MW of power across its different sectors of operations, Mikano provided 4 units of MTU gensets with 1.5 MW each, totaling 6 MW, delivered in containerized solutions. All mechanical, electrical, and control sections were assembled by Mikano in soundproof containers, offering a faster and more efficient installation process and drastic reduction in operational noise.


    The MTU 12V4000L64FNER gensets provided by Mikano boasts an impressive 12 cylinders, while still supplying the same power demand as earlier models of 16-cylinder 1.5 MW gensets with a limited 64,000-hour lifetime. What's more, these advanced gensets have a longer lifetime of up to 84,000 hours, reducing maintenance time and boosting efficiency.


    Despite the complexity of the project, Mikano completed the installation and commissioning in just three months working with a well-equipped and professional team, beating the client's timeline, and maintaining all global safety standards. Mikano International’s dedication to execution quality is evident in every project it undertakes, and its growing clientele can trust that they will deliver the highest level of performance every time.


    Youtube link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRnzVxGnAS8&list=PLJZX0iuxqDiY-j2wpsmpob7zuvtjimaRj&index=6