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IPP Solutions

IPP Solutions
In partnership with MTU Onsite Energy, Mikano installs, commissions and operates large scale Industrial Power Projects (IPP) across the country, delivering uninterrupted power supply to it respective clients.

Mikano has the potential to supply any power capacity required for any level of business operation and operates as a diversified power generation body.

It owns and operates Power Plants to generate and sell power to customers such as utilities, industrial users, and other intermediaries at a Per Kilowatts costing; allowing for constant power availability at a very efficient rating; while allowing payment as it is used.This service delivery is available for both Gas and Diesel generating sets.

Mikano also owns and operates utilities to generate, purchase, distribute, transmit,and sell electricity to end-users in the residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental sectors.
IPP Solutions use a range of fuels to generate electricity, including natural gas, and diesel. The company owns and operates a power generation portfolio of approximately 150 megawatts.